Lambs Ears Knits

Just What You Needed!

There's something special about having an item that's been hand made. It's the feeling that there's something personal about what went into that unique product you hold in your hands. Sometimes, you know it took hours, days, weeks and perhaps even months to create that perfect item that you knew was "just what you needed."

That's why I knit.  You really can't get much more personal, in a back to the basics kinda way, than buying a handmade item.  It is slow compared to mass produced items, on purpose, genuine, pure, and sometimes a bit imperfect, in a perfect kind of way!

I've been knitting for about 40 years now.  I've taught and demonstrated at a Pennsylvania living history museum and sell my hand-knitted items there, too.

 Now, most of my knitting is done in our 5th wheel camper we live in full time. My shop travels easily with us as we crisscross the nation. I knit, have plenty of room to store all my wool, yarns, patterns and finished projects, AND I get to see the United States at the same time! What a great deal! When you place an order with me, we might be in Florida in the winter, San Diego in the summer, or Pennsylvania in the autumn.

You can probably tell, I will never be a high output factory. It will always be just my family and me working at this together. My husband running to the post office we are currently at whenever you order, and me knitting projects one at a time; every one of them is carefully, hand made.

This is what I love to do...for you.
Enjoy the warmth!